Jersey Day At Phoenix

Jersey Day At Phoenix

Joshlynn Murphy

On February 4th 2016, at Phoenix Military Academy, there was an out of uniform day for the NFL Super Bowl this week. The out of uniform was $2 if you wore a NFL Related shirt or jersey. If not, you had to wear the assigned uniform of the day.

Personally, I feel as if there is nothing wrong with Jersey Day. It gives people a chance to express themselves on how they feel about their favorite football team. Even though I’m not a sports person, I still came out of uniform to support my city’s team.

Of course this is true, but others don’t feel the same way about this Jersey Day. People feel as if they have to pay to come out of uniform then they should be able to wear what they whatever they want.

On the other hand, some people think this theme or out of uniform day is boring. They feel as if they could have worn their regular clothes for $2.

However, the students that didn’t come and support the Super Bowl had to wear the assigned uniform of the day. People who didn’t want to join Jersey Day said that the school uniform is comfortable and they don’t have a problem wearing it.

Overall, I feel as if this was a good day to wear out of uniform. It’s the last day of finals for our school and we wore uniform all throughout this week.

Out of uniform day is an advantage to get out of that school uniform that we wear mostly all week and mostly all school year. Even though you might wear your regular clothing outside of school, but this is during school time.