Rickie Ghoston

GSA is a club that is ran by math teacher; Ms. Belus. Meetings are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:45pm – 3:30pm. GSA is trying to get more people to join their club so they can go on trips and do more fun activities during the meetings.

“In the meetings we talk about policies, politics, current events, the school, and the community,” said sophomore Marilyn Ramirez.

GSA stands for Gay Straight Alliance. There are many misconceptions about this club. For example people may say only gay people are supposed to come to the meetings. This is false because anyone that wants to join the club could join. Its as simple as that.

On the week before winter break, GSA had a fundraiser.  They sold scented pine cones that resembled different kinds of farm animals.

“The money from the pine cones will be used for service learning trips and GSA related items,” said Ramirez.

GSA needs more people to join their club so that they can start doing fun activities. Only 5-10 students have been showing up to the meetings. Ms. Belus and the rest of GSA are encouraging more students to at least attend a meeting to see if if they are interested in it.

“Our main goal for right now is getting more people to join our club, gaining money, and getting more students involved with the community” said Ramirez.