Discrimination in the Criminal Justice System

Discrimination in the Criminal Justice System

Jose Guel

America, the country that has the old red, white and blue. The place where anyone is greeted with open arms and anything is possible as long as you are willing to sweat a bit. It seems like a great country only that it has a history of discrimination amongst the colored people. Even though we as people fight for equality. Even with the better changes, we still have corruption and hate in the criminal justice system.

Now I’m not talking about the racist cops that shoot innocent minorities, that is just a part of the system. Back when Ronald Reagan was president, he announced a war on drugs since drug usage was  at an all time high, but that was a lie. Drugs back then were at low. So why did he say this? He wanted to bring down the minorities. He sent the FBI to areas in Los Angeles, California where there were  most minorities and sold drugs to them. This made the people more aggressive towards the minorities thinking that they might have illegal substances with them.

When in prison, the prisoners have to do work for free and are always scolded by the officers there. If the prisons wanted to they could treat t the prisoners like slaves and it would  all be perfectly legal thanks to the thirteenth amendment. Some might say that the thirteenth amendment does not permit slavery. This is true but if read more closely it actually says that slavery is not allowed unless you are being punished. This is maddening and what makes it worse is that the government makes a profit off it like back in the days of slavery. This is also the reason why they arrest people with drugs, even if it is a small amount. Then they  give them a longer time in jail.

What is  even more sad is that if you are charged with a felony, you cannot vote even if you are out of jail. This is the same thing they did to minorities, not letting them vote, not letting them change the country for the better. Also, people of color cannot get a job if their records say they have committed  a crime, which will lead them to doing more crime just to survive in this country.

We as people should end this system and replace it with a better more color friendly criminal system the does not arrest people for small amounts of drugs and has more police officers that are less discriminatory  against minorities and use  less aggressive tactics when handling people of color.