Your GPA does not define your intelligence

Kimberly Huerta

In high school your academic performance emphasizes your intelligence and labels you as one of the “smart” or “dumb” kids. I don’t get why people are underestimated because of their low GPA. Students should not be labeled because of their GPA.

Yes, it determines a person’s work ethic but if a person does not do a task it does not automatically mean they are not smart and do not understand the concept, it just means they were lazy and did not complete the assignment.

Every year you get an estimated GPA of your two semesters and it depends on the grades that you get. People believe that since you’re ranked 100 out of 100 of your whole class you are ignorant.

When someone looks around them at school and notices that everyone around them is being successful, and getting so much done, while you are struggling to do the same it makes you feel like you can not do it. You start doubting your intelligence and think that there is no point to school when you never going to be as successful as everyone else. Why should it matter that they’re doing better?, as long as you’re able to give the best you can you are achieving.

There is so much pressure that you have to live up to the expectations,that you must be successful that it stresses students out. There are students who can not even get out of bed and do not want to attend school because it adds to their stress while they are also going through other stuff. There are students who can not focus because of problems they have, but that does not mean they don’t have the potential to do great in school.

There was a junior who had a GPA of a 1.9 but got an ACT of 25, and another junior who had a GPA of a 3.5 but got a 22. When it comes to testing your knowledge you can always prove that because just because you have the lowest rank or have the lowest GPA of the whole class you are unintelligent and uneducated.

I don’t think someone should belittle another just because they are not at the same level as them with grades and GPA.The person that people used to think would never make it, will be happy pursuing their dream. You can do it, if you believe you can.

You can’t let all the pressure of other people and those high expectations always get in the way of your success, it is a matter of time before you realize it is not worth it.