Valentines Dance

Jackie Valadez

 On Friday, February, 12, 2016 Phoenix Military Academy held a school dance devoted to Valentine’s Day. Junior Erik Bernabe  was looking forward to the dance. He enjoyed his time at the dance.

Last year Phoenix did not hold a Valentine’s day dance which upset many people who were looking forward to it. To make up for it they throw a dance this year for their students. Many people were looking forward to this years dance.

“I was able to spend time with my friends at the dance,” said Bernabe.

The Valentine’s day dance had a variety of music. This dance had a different DJ than normal. This dance also had a lot more people than the dance last year as well.

“The DJ was great, Jose Barrios did a good job he should be DJ more often,” said Bernabe.

Although many people had a great time at the dance they felt like it could have been better. For instance many people were expecting more than cupcakes and soda. Also many felt like it could have been better if there were more people.

“It could have been better if they would have promoted it better and could have gotten more people to go also I thought there was going to be food but there wasn’t, which was a bit disappointing,” said Bernabe.

Since the dance was being held during eighth period many people attended. Last year Phoenix held a dance after school and did not sell many tickets. Many people attended the dance just to skip class.

“I went to get out of 8th period and mostly to spend my Friday with friends and have a good time, instead of being in class,” said Bernabe.

Afterall, Phoenix’s Valentine’s day dance was a successful one. Although people expected a bit more, they still  had a good time with their friends and enjoyed the good music. With this being said, many more people are likely to attend the next school dance.