Ms. Bahn

Sha’dae Little

Ms. Bahn is Phoenix Military Academy’s substitute counselor for Mrs.Matz. She has only been here for two days, but she has already been very helpful. Ms. Bahn has assisted students  with completing their Fafsas.  

“Well it’s only the second day, but it’s been really good so far, all the students are really nice,” said Ms. Bahn.

Ms. Bahn recently worked at Jones College Prep before she came to Phoenix. Mrs. Fairchild met Ms.Bahn at a meeting and told her PMA is  going to be in need of a counselor, once Mrs. Matz went on maternity leave.

Ms. Bahn is a really nice counselor. This is actually her first year working as a counselor and before she was an intern at Northside College Prep. Ms. Bahn chose to be a counselor because she wanted to help students get through high school.

“I wanted to work in a school with high school students, and be someone that can help them get through high school,” said Ms. Bahn.

Ms. Bahn attended Ole Miss college, for her four years of college. While she was there she studied psychology and chemistry as her minor.  

Ms. Bahn studied school counseling and got her Masters at Depaul in only 2 ½ years. Ms. Bahn mentioned that it was hard but, she still became successful.

“Its was hard because I was working and going to class, but it was something I wanted to do,” said Ms. Bahn.