College your own way!

Maria Reyes

Before graduating high school, students have to decide whether they are going to pursue a higher education by attending college or if they are going to join the workforce.

However, if we look at statistics from reports made, many of those students, nationwide, decide to not go to college due to a lack of money. All four year universities should come up with an agreement plan with its students on how and when they will be expected to pay part of their borrowed loans back. Also, universities shouldn’t have to add interest fees whatsoever.+

Of course, students need to gain responsibility when it comes down to paying their fees. However, students should be offered the privilege to go to college without having to worry so much on how they are going to pay their tuition, along with other fees implied because many don’t have all of the money that is being asked for.

Many low income and undocumented students have the grades to get into prestigious universities but can’t afford to cover up for all the expenses needed. These students work hard to obtain good grades so as a reward, they should have the opportunity to attend the university of the choice without worrying more about how to pay their tuition, rather than the school itself .

Finally, I believe that being able to pursue a higher education is a right that everyone should be granted whether or not they are a natural born citizen of the United States. Low income students shouldn’t have to stop their education simply because their family doesn’t have the funds to provide them with money to go to college.

If these smart, and intellectual students don’t get the opportunity to attend a four year university of their choice, who will be running America in the next few decades? Who will be leading the next generation to the correct path? We cannot allow for these talented students to be taken for granted just because colleges don’t want to come up with an arrangement with the students on how their fees can be payed.