Leonardo Turrado

Nate Parker is an African American director and actor. Parker made history at the sundance Film Festival by signing a deal with Fox Searchlight considering his new movie Birth Of A Nation worth 17.5 million dollars. Although Birth of a nation may be his most recognized movie, he’s had successful movies before the sundance powerhouse released.

About 16 months ago in October of 2014, Parker released a short film that has caused controversy ever since. The movie is titled “#ameriCAN” and it brings to light problems that continue to make themselves relevant.

One thing that has made the movie controversial, as of late, is the use of #AllLivesMatter at the end of the video.   

He chose to use the hashtag “ALL LIVES MATTER” because the movies tells of an event that shows how life-changing lives being taken can be. It is said to be centered around police brutality against black males but the movie clearly tries to showcase the pain people can go through.

This happens many times with art that African Americans have made before; it is said to be sending the wrong messages because some of the things shown and discussed are topics people may not be comfortable with.

Although the movie may anger some and make others understand the problem, this film is beginning to get a lot of attention and now, everyone has a different perspective on the short film that is centered on pain.

Link to the short film #ameriCAN: https://vimeo.com/110516243