What Happened to Manchester United?

What Happened to Manchester United?

Christian Gutierrez

Manchester United has enjoyed a stellar season this year. They have lifted the title 20 memorable, consecutive times, but this was something you could say about Manchester United three seasons ago. Where did it all go wrong for this Manchester based club?

Manchester United has endured a difficult time in recent years and it has caused them to lose their reputation as the top club to one of the the average teams in the league. They went from being the 2012 champions to losing out Europa league football the following season, finishing as seventh . Manchester United is  still a good team, but the league is just getting better so the players; so they have to step it up.

Many believe that the problem has to do with the manager and his style of football doesn’t fit the players.

“ It has really surprised me to see a club as big as Manchester United struggling to win games now a days. United used to be a club that everyone feared to face and now under LVG, they can’t even seem to look as a team,” said junior Jonathan Muros.

Louis Van Gaal has proven in many leagues that he has been capable to win with any team that he has coached.. LVG has also proven his worth as an national team manager, taking Netherlands all the way to the semi-finals. LVG has a different playing style that will take time for the players of United to adjust to and if they don’t try to learn then this team will just continue to fall.

Manchester United is  packed with talented players with the likes of Wayne Rooney, Juan Mata, Bastian Schweinsteiger, and David De Gea, all playing their trade there. So if a team as good as United is losing somany games, then what is really the problem? The problem is the lack of confidence that the players get from fans. The Manchester United fans cannot expect a player to come onto  the team and make a major impact, especially after having so many  expectations on their shoulders because of their price tag.   

Memphis Depay is a perfect example, after scoring 25 goals in 29 games in the Dutch league, he was expected to do the same  at United. After 24 games this season, he has only been able to score 4 goals. Fans have to let the kid play his game.  That has happened with many players this season, after a few bad games they are quick to judge and say to sell them or keep them on the bench.

Then we have the real reason that United has been having such a bad couple of years and that is because they lost  their legendary manager, Sir Alex Ferguson. Sir Alex retired the year that United last won a title and ever since  they they have not  seemed the same. He was able to get the best out of his signings and he did that by giving them time to adjust and play. e.

Manchester United fans are still in the phase where they think they can still win everything but they have to remember that while their losing their touch the others teams are getting better. After the millions of dollars the Premier league got from the TV rights deal, they were able to allocate more money to teams and those teams have used that money to bring in quality players. Teams battling to get out of regulation such as Newcastle United and Sunderland are able to buy players that would start in any top team in another league.

Manchester United is  still a big club in the league and it will only be a matter of time before they taste silverware again. However  if the players do not step up their game and the fans do not  support their team through thick and thin, the team will not get any better. Manchester United’s last match was against Stoke, a game they won 3-0. The team should look to build off that league so they can qualify for the Champions league next season and then, next year they can aim to win a trophy