Standardized Testing Is Unfair For Many


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Pencil with standardized test answer sheet

Eduardo Brito

Today in society, many students are being separated and categorized by a test that determines their future. As we all know, in order to get into our dream school or even qualify for a certain class, we must go through a standardized test.

It is simply unfair to categorize students and force them to prove themselves different from other students.

For many, standardized testing is a fair way to decide a student’s eligibility into a school, or simply to get an understanding of their knowledge.

However, school boards forget that every student learns in different ways. A student could either be a visual, auditory, kinesthetic, or a reading/writing learner.

If you have ever taken a standardized test, you understand how these tests only benefit those students who learn and are capable of showing their knowledge by simply reading and writing. School boards are excluding the visual and the auditory learners by giving them an unfair chance to prove what they are really capable of doing.

Of even greater importance, standardized testing should become optional, or simply be changed so it could benefit all four  types of learners. I think there should be a test for all different types of learners to make it fair for everyone.

The  most importantly is that a standardized test does not show who we are as a person. Someone may be very smart, but very awkward at the same time. Others could be very outgoing, but not so great at explaining everything. If a standardized test is going to determine our lives and our future, I simply believe that there should be many more options to show who we are and what we are really capable of doing.  

A standardized test should not be the main source to determine our future.

How would you feel if you had a son or daughter who were very outgoing and smart, but were denied access to certain things for not getting a certain score? It is time we put an end to standardized testing and create other ways to show who we really are.