Legalizing Cannabis

Ezekiel Diaz

There are two strands of cannabis; Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. For the past 50 years cannabis Sativa and Indica, also known as marijuana, has been illegal in the United States. It is considered a drug even though it is a naturally grown herb. Centuries ago, it was widely used for medicine and spiritual purposes. Marijuana use can be traced back to 12,000 years ago. A Chinese emperor, Shen Nung, claimed that it treated pains of rheumatism, which caused pain on the joints, muscles and other body parts.

I believe marijuana should not be illegal due to the scientific evidence that marijuana helps consumers stay healthy. It is also a medical substance that will greatly decrease the chances of getting cancer and alzheimer’s. It also help users that are stressed, depressed and/or have anxiety, feel better physically and emotionally.

Marijuana has been illegal over the past years due to the government’s claim that supposedly it is a harmful drug. The government claims that the legalization of marijuana would increase the chances of and use of illegal drugs, cause significant health and safety risks to people, particularly young people.

However, cannabis has been smoked widely around the world for many decades already and there have never been any reported cases of lung cancer or emphysema due to marijuana. As much as one can consume marijuana, one can not overdose on marijuana. Unlike alcohol or other prescription drugs, marijuana does not kill people.

A fun fact about marijuana is that it also gives users more creativity. Even though creativity is not beneficial to someone’s health, it is a positive effect to the brain. It helps users think more and opens their minds to better ideas. That usually happens because marijuana sets off the release of dopamine and lessens self-conscious feels, which in turn gives your brain the ability to think differently.

In fact, it is stated that cannabis kills cancer cells by blocking cell growth and the development of blood vessels needed for a tumor to grow, without killing normal cells. It also has potential to reduce the risk of colon cancer, and maybe a treatment.

It is said that marijuana is a gateway drug to harder drugs and that marijuana is one of the first drugs a person uses because it is the most easily available drug. However being a former consumer of marijuana for a long time, I never tried any other drug. The only gateway I had was to the fridge. The government claims that marijuana leads from one thing to another, but it actually is not an addictive drug as they say it is. It is stated that most consumers do not do it on a daily basis and usually is abandoned by the time someone reaches their twenties or thirties.

Unlike alcohol and cigarettes, marijuana does not kill you. Everyone knows that cigarettes and alcohol can cause lungs cancer and kidney problems, however, they are both still legal in the U.S,while marijuana is still illegal and is still considered a harmful drug to the body.