Jersey Day

Jocelyn Cruz

During finals week, it was announced that cadets would be able to come out of uniform on Thursday, but only if they wear an NFL jersey. They came up with this idea because of the Super Bowl that was happening on February 7, the following Sunday.

Coming out of uniform is a big deal to PMA because we are a military school. Since we are a military school, it is mandatory for us to wear a blue JROTC uniform every day except for Thursdays and Fridays. Limiting coming out of uniform for people who are into football and have football jerseys is really unfair.

While people can say that the cadets do not have to come out of uniform, it is still limiting the amount of cadets that can participate. Newsflash! Not everyone has an NFL jersey or any sports jersey for that matter. There are people in this school that couldn’t care less about the Super Bowl. Also, there are people who do not want to buy a shirt just to come out of uniform, that’s like wasting $15 plus the three dollars extra at the door. A lot of people know that they aren’t going to wear the Jersey any other day, so they don’t feel like investing for a jersey is such a good idea.

Of even greater importance, Staff at Phoenix are always complaining about not having enough money to do activities, but at the same time they limit the amount of money they will receive by limiting the amount of students that are allowed to participate in said activities.

Activities involving money from the cadets should not limit how many cadets can participate. They should change this activity from NFL jerseys to just coming out of uniform.