Intelligent Machines are a great inventions for our world


Aldo Gil

The world went from the stone age to new intelligent machines and all new technology brightening our everyday lives. These smart machines have made humans lives  easier and way more comfortable to spend our lives here in the world. Without those machines like: the phones, computers, televisions, and many other machines that make our life easier, the world would be so much different than it is now; we would probably still be living like the “stone age,” but with our brains a little more advanced.

It is true that on the other side the intelligent machines might have taken over humanity a little because people have become lazy and count on the machines and take over people’s jobs, however, people can live in peace without there being drama and failures. What i mean by there not being drama and failures is that there won’t be a lot of disasters because the machines would be doing most of the work and also that there won’t be a lot of fights for something because machines would be either producing it or giving it to someone

The intelligent machines are beneficial to the humans because it has expanded the humans way of thinking. It expanded their thinking because the people keep on getting smarter as they create newer machines and test them out.

Also the intelligent machines has become a big success to people because of the precise and heavy machinery that has been created. For example, a machine can carry heavy objects that a human cannot, or a machine places objects at a precise rate without getting tired like humans would.

The intelligent machines have impacted humans and the society in a positive way with a lot of beneficial ideas.

“Imagine how the world would be if the intelligent machines take over our humanity,” said journalism teacher, Ms. Comeford.