Concussions in the NFL


Kevin Becerra

At only the age of 50, the National Football League Hall of Fame player, Mike Webster died of a heart attack causing an outrage in the NFL after the cause of the heart attack was revealed. After a long investigation the cause of death was  because of a disease that Webster had developed called Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), which is caused through multiple concussions and blows to the head.

This death caused the NFL to make a  choice to place more rules on the sport making it safer, but consequently lose a part of the sport’s appeal. Or they could keep the rules the same and just let the players know the dangers that could come from participating in football.

I believe that the NFL should place more rules and regulations to help prevent players from developing CTE and also to prevent concussions as a whole in the sport. It is true that if the NFL were to create more rules on hitting opponents many fans would be displeased because the a lot of the appeal of the sport would go away.

Although making the sport less physical, the main appeal of the sport will not go away because many fans watch the sport for the big plays from quarterbacks and wide receivers.

CTE has long lasting effects on the players it harms with symptoms like loss of memory, difficulty controlling impulses, erratic behavior, dementia, and extreme forms of bipolar disorder. With this knowledge alone the NFL should have the easy decision in making the game safer.

The he evidence shows that CTE directly comes from playing sports like football, the NFL should put the safety of the players before even thinking about fans. The NFL has the obligation to implement new regulations for the sport, putting the players first should be their main priority because they are the ones putting their life on the line every time the step on the field.

Concussions might always be a problem in football, but I believe by creating new regulations for  the sport the number of concussion will go down drastically. If action is taken now,fans and players put pressure on the NFL to strengthen their rules, we will be able to save our beloved players who light up the field every Sunday.