The Division Beta

Angel Aguirre

New York’s Time Square turns into a vast war zone and the military is out of order. Only the Division Agents, a secret military group, had prepared for a situation like this. You are a Division Agent that help reconstruct the city of New York.

The Division is an MMO (massively multiplayer online role playing game) which takes place in New York City. The City goes into ruin when a virus epidemic consumes New York and the government including the military are out of order, which leaves The Division Agents to help restore order and save the citizens of New York.

The closed beta for this game opened January 28, 2016. It was supposed to end on January 31st,but was extended to February 2, 2016. During the beta the game  was an amazing experience. The graphics have not been downgraded at all with the constant changing weather to even seeing reflections in the puddles of water in the game. So much detail has been put into the game; it is amazing.

I felt that as an MMO this game hit every mark. It has a variety of missions to do and the map in the beta was just a portion of what the full map will be when the game is released.

Some may try to compare this game to Destiny,a different game but still an MMO. Comparing these two games should not even be considered. These are two separate games in separate times. They are two totally different games that are irrelevant to even compare.

This game in my eyes has the potential to win best graphics and is a contender as game of the of the year.

Tom Clancy’s: The Division is by the best MMO I have ever played on the  Xbox One so far. I have faith that The Division will be the first MMO in a while to live up to the hype.