Should CPS Declare Bankruptcy?

Should CPS Declare Bankruptcy?

Alexis Garcia

Chicago Public Schools is the fourth largest school district in the United States with an average of 360,000 students. Since 1983, CPS has been in troubled waters with its first teachers’ strike happening that same year. The main reason for the continuous problems revolves around economic reasons, this year is about the $1.1 billion deficit. So far, talks between CPS officials and the teachers union have been going nowhere with constant proposals being made by both sides.     

If CPS were to declare bankruptcy it would cause a wave of problems starting with less educational opportunities, teachers’  pensions and it would hurt the students learning. With this in mind, I believe CPS should not declare bankruptcy.

It is true that with the $1.1 billion deficit CPS will be unable to provide accurate educational opportunities for its 360,000 students, therefore it makes sense to declare bankruptcy and let the state take over. However, this solution will actually do more harm than good.

By having CPS declare bankruptcy, the state would then decide how much money will be given to the schools in the district and what it would be used for. This would mean the state of Illinois would have total control over the student’s education. Schools that receive less money will not able to afford the basic necessities for a good education such as books, better computers, and much more.

With a state takeover of Chicago’s educational system, many teachers would stop receiving lane adjustments. This means that the teachers efforts to continue their education in order to provide a greater education for their students would just be a waste of time. Highly experienced teachers would be paid the same as a new incoming teacher. This would cause the teachers working in CPS to either stop working as a teacher, or go to a different school district which would lead to the next problem – hurting students education.

Finally, with less educated teachers and less teachers in general, the students education will begin to suffer. For example, a teacher with a doctorate degree will have more knowledge than a teacher with just a masters degree. If the state were to take over and stop lane adjustments, teachers will stop trying to achieve a higher education. Students would be taught less and gain little to no knowledge of any subject. Many will be unprepared to go to college which would increase the dropout rates and decrease the college acceptance rates. It is believed that declaring bankruptcy and having the state takeover is the best solution for the student, but in reality it is not. As I mentioned previously this solution would do more harm than good for the students.   

Overall CPS should not declare bankruptcy due to the fact that it would hurt the students and its teachers. This should not be allowed to happen because if we let the students education become damaged we will hurt the future advancement of  America. Many students have  the potential to do great things for society therefore we should not t allow CPS’s  problem to affect the student’s future. We should encourage teachers and CPS to find a deal that would benefit both the teachers and the students. We join the teachers in their protests to show unity between us all.