New Yoga Class leads to calm minds and relaxed bodies

Elizabeth Patino

Phoenix Military Academy has recently collaborated with a program called Mindful Practices. Sophomores and juniors are currently taking the class during their JROTC period. The class provides the students with student wellness, social-emotional learning, and hip-hop yoga.

“The class aims for individual and mental development,” said junior Veronica Perez.

The classes are offered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 1:00-2:30 p.m and focus on breathing techniques. It also incorporates yoga with a fusion of a hip-hop dance that will improve their self-awareness and interpersonal skills. The yoga-based classes allows students and teachers to feel calm and relaxed.

“I prefer the yoga rather than the organized physical training because I really get to destress myself,” said Perez.

With AP classes and exams, this is a great way for students to release some stress and forget about their worries when taking the workshops.

Perez enjoys it more when she is able to focus on herself. “Your body has to be strong and your mind has to be relaxed,” said Perez.

The program highly focuses on gaining relaxed bodies and attitudes, while also being active by providing hip-hop classes.

“I really like it, it really helps me relax,” said Perez.

Mindful Practices offers classes throughout the city and Phoenix was one of the seven chosen schools to participate in the program. This is Phoenix’s first year where yoga has been incorporated as a part of our physical training exercise. If it wasn’t for the founder of Mindful Practices establishing a partnership with PMA, we wouldn’t have had the collaboration with an actual yoga instructor.