Trattoria Peppino

Trattoria Peppino

I thought I’d never find a restaurant that makes amazing thin crust pizza, but I finally found a place. Trattoria Peppino is an Italian restaurant located at 7440 W. North Ave, Elmwood Park, IL 60707.

When I first walked in the restaurant I noticed it was small and cozy, and had a smell of fresh bread. I was seated by a women with a strong Italian accent. She was very nice and asked if I prefered a seat in a certain section.

I ordered a medium thin crust pizza with jalapenos. The wait was very moderate, about 15 mins. I could smell how delicious the pizza was going to be be while she was walking to bring it to my table. The presentation looked amazing, and I was excited to take a bite. The cheese tasted like heaven on a slice. The crust wasn’t too thin, but exactly right, it was the perfect texture of soft and crunchy.

There was soft classical music playing in the background that set a relaxing atmosphere for me. The place seemed very clean and up to date.

I definitely loved the place. The servers were really nice and they got everything correct with my meal, I didn’t have to repeat myself

Overall the place was great and I recommend any pizza lover to eat there.

Rate: 5/5