The Forest Gives Weak Sense of Fear

The Forest Gives Weak Sense of Fear

Jaylin Lara

The movie takes  place in Aokigahara Forest, which is located in Japan. It’s what makes the movie pretty intriguing because this location has to be one of the most popular sites for suicide in Japan along with the general concept of twin sisters looking for each other.

Directed by Jason Zada and main character Natalie Dormer who plays twins Sara and Jess price. Jess initially goes to Japan to be a teacher. Basically as any other cliche horror movie, both twins have telepathy, and Sara gets a phone call that her sister, Jess, is missing in a forest in Japan, and attempted to kill herself. After Sara gets to the forest, she starts experiencing paranormal noises, and acts as any other movie.

I thought the beginning of this movie was very sloppy and the ending was very rushed as well. Overall  there was a lot of unnecessary scares. Since the movie is Pg 13 you only get a slight glimpse of the gore in this movie. Throughout the movie there was quiet and loud noises but the tension that you’re supposed to feel wasn’t felt. It was a lazy cliche movie that had a bunch of color correction that overpowered the actual beauty of the forest. At some point In the movie the audience was openly laughing. The movie is solid, and is straightforward though. If you’re into the creepy ghost genre you’ll probably enjoy this movie but it’s more towards the psychological aspect.

I would not recommend this movie if you’re looking foward to watch a horror movie.

Rate: 3/ 5