Sgt Hurley, Returning Firebird

Kimberly Huerta

At PMA there is always that one Sergeant students expect to get each year in a JROTC class. In Freshmen year, students get Sgt. Gilliam, Sophomore year students get Sgt. Hurley, Junior year Sgt. Powell, and finally, Senior year Sgt. Walker. For the first time in years, freshmen going into their sophomore year are not getting Sgt. Hurley as their JROTC instructor instead of Sgt. Narvez. Even though she may not be teaching, she will always love being a part of this school.

“I’m excited and grateful for the opportunity,” said Sgt. Hurley.

Sgt. Hurley is glad to have the opportunity to be back at PMA. Everyone was surprised to see that she had returned back to Phoenix. You might have seen her stop by, but when she started working here again she went from just being the coach for the PMA basketball team, to actually returning as security.

“There has been some changes as far as staff and students, other than that nothing really. PMA still has the same high standards they did when I left,” said Sgt Hurley.

PMA gave her the opportunity to be able to come back and although she left for a while, she came back she knowing that PMA had  great high standards.

“I would like to be at PMA for as long as they need me,” said Sgt. Hurley.

Sgt Hurley has always enjoyed her at Phoenix, and she will love to stay for as long as she is needed. There are a lot of great things that she enjoys about PMA but there are some things that she enjoys more.

“I believe that the best part about being at PMA is the staff and the students,” said Sgt Hurley.

The people at PMA will always be her favorite part about being in this school. She has always felt welcomed and is glad to be around people she considers family..

“I have always felt welcomed here at PMA,” said Sgt. Hurley.

Although nobody expected this, some are actually glad to see her back and she is glad to be back because she feels like she belongs here with PMA.

Edited: 2/18/16