Reality T.V. should be canceled

Reality T.V. should be canceled

Madeline Guzman

According to, 68% of adults from the ages 18-29, said that they enjoy watching reality television. Shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, The Empire, 19 Kids and Counting and Dancing with the Stars are on the top of the list of most watched reality television shows.

Most of those people do not realize that they are wasting an hour for every single episode of the reality TV they watch. Those people could be doing something active with their lives. They could learn something they did not know before or learn more about something they know.

There is, of course nothing wrong with people wanting to sit back and relax while they watch a show or movie after a long day.

However, many people do not recognize that there is a limit for watching too much television. It can cause mental and physical harm from not going out much, not interacting with others and gaining weight.

The 68% of young adults could be learning new things by going to parks or joining a club. They could go out with friends and enjoy the weather. There are many things that everyone is capable of doing, no matter what age or gender, that are better than watching TV.

Watching reality television too much can influence people by making them believe that the way the actors live/act on the shows is normal. Actors are important to this generation because so many young television watchers are watching them and following their every step.

Watching too much reality television is stopping people from experiencing life for themselves. Reality television is supposed to entertain people, but some people let the experiences in the shows be their own experience.