Pro Choice: Women Should Have The Right

Diana Aguilar

One of the biggest controversies today is on the topic of abortion and how women should handle an unexpected pregnancy. This has created many debates between politicians and different people all over the United States especially.

The pro choice option is the best for all women because it allows them to have that option, which is crucial since it’s their body.

Some people who are pro life may say that no person should allow someone to kill anyone else intentionally and that abortion is no different. However, women end a child’s suffering by choosing to end their life and have good intentions because they are unprepared to have a child.

Pregnancy is an experience many women dream of having one day, but when they feel they are prepared to bring a child into the world. In many cases there are unexpected pregnancies  and the woman  should be able to have the choice to end their own child’s life or keep it. Since they are experiencing the process of pregnancy and being a mother; they should have the right to choose what they want to do to their body.

The result of continuing to ban abortion is causing people to break the law and have illegal abortions, which can be very dangerous.   Modern medicine is advanced in a way that it can be professionally done so there are no serious risks

Abortion is a humane act for any mother that cares about her child. When a mother chooses to abort her child, she is being a bit selfish but also very conscientious. She doesn’t want to struggle as an underprepared mother, but also she does not want her child to suffer from mistakes that she made. Therefore, the best solution is abortion so she can be aware of her decisions and the benefits of it.

Each women all over the world, but specifically the United States, should be able to have the option to abort her child. If you know that your child would have an unfit life for whatever reason, whether it’s poverty or a serious illness, would you want them to suffer or prevent a life of  suffering and have a positive  memory?