Fund The BMD


Juan Romo

In every organization, funding is a necessity for activities and workshops. On February 7th, 2016, the Brotherhood created a Go-Fund-Me page online for funding activities.

We would like to raise $1000.00 to help cover costs for enrichment activities such as guest speakers, workshops, field trips, and college visits,” said Brotherhood adviser, Ms. Tristano.

With funding, the Brotherhood will be able to incorporate new tools and sources to create an enriching environment. Brotherhood is a student led organization that reaches out to young males to accomplish their aspirations. With half the school year already complete, some might question the timeliness of this page.

“What better time than now? Yes, there are crippling budget cuts to CPS. It is true we have no money to fund this this program. But more importantly, I think fundraising teaches the leaders more responsibility and leadership skills,” said Tristano.

Keeping an organization afloat while the school district is in a budget problem is difficult since the school cannot help fund. Their is no specific target for donations, anyone is capable of accessing the site and donating with a card.

“Anyone. Specifically, only people who own a credit or debit card can submit their money through the website, but anyone who believes and wants to contribute to the program is open to,” said Senior Juan Garcia.

The organization feels that any donation is worth donating, no matter what the amount, it’ll have an impact on them. Since the site is online, you will have to look through the internet to access it.

You can find Brotherhood by going to or by following the link Https://,” said Tristano.