After School Recommendations

After School Recommendations

After a long day of class, all a student wants to do is  eat. Students are in need of finding the best food places in the area of Phoenix Military Academy for an after school meal throughout the year.

Monday’s are the worst, because throughout the day you’re hungry so why eat at school when you could get pizza or something,” said freshman Metzin Armenta.

Students feel its best to eat on Mondays since they have more time to spend outside, instead of rushing to eat during Tuesday to Friday. They tend to go to locations based on how much it cost compared to other locations nearby.

“Yes. You have to try to stretch out your money for the week,” said senior Jazel Pena.

Some students at Phoenix are limited with money and feel it’s important to make it last throughout the week. When asked about pricing, students found it difficult to agree on the cheapest place.

“Bacci’s has a student discount, do they not? Subway had that buy one get one free sale,” said Pena.

Although they did have a buy one get one free sale, it was only for one day. According to Armenta, he thought otherwise in terms of the cheapest location.

“At subway the subs are 3$,” said Armenta.

Although the 6 inch subs are three dollars, it does not include the additional meat prices or meal deals. This then could bring the price of the sub to $5 or $6.

When asked about the best food places each student took a similar approach as to how they felt about the pricing.

“I would suggest to go to Dominoes because they sell 2 liters,” said Pena.

This is not much different to Bacci’s, as they offer a discounted price when you buy two medium pizzas together.

“I say Subway because it’s cheap,” said Armenta.


Now that you have an idea of what’s around PMA, enjoy!