Good Dinosaur

Christian Gutierrez

On November 25th 2015, the movie Good Dinosaur came out to melt the heart of all the people that went to go see it. Good Dinosaur is about a dinosaur whose parents got separated from him and he later got found by a fellow caveboy.

The two of them go on a journey together and they are later encountered by a big battle on trying to get away from the wolves. The movie was able to get to the emotions of people by letting the evil wolves take the caveboy and force Arlo, the dinosaur, to chase them to get his friend back.

He was able to save his friend by getting over his fears and chase the wolves. The wolves ran away in fear of Arlo since he was a dinosaur. But what you have to understand is that Arlo grew up a sensitive dinosaur, but he overcame his fears for the caveboy.

The boy was left alone on a tree . It eventually cracked and fell into a river that he was drowning in. Arlo threw himself into the river in order to get to the boy and he saved his life.

“I have seen the movie and I loved it! five out of five stars in my opinion,” said Lesly Alvarez

The movie is one that you need to see as it reminds you of a childhood that you may have forgotten or lost over the years.It brings back heart warming memories, as well as some tears.