Seniors Cranking out Last Minute Apps

Seniors Cranking out Last Minute Apps

Jazel Pena

As the end of the school year approaches, seniors rush to complete and submit last minute college applications. Perhaps it is a bit juvenile to be completing applications that can determine the rest of our lives so late in the year, but nonetheless, they are still getting done. Not all students are doing their applications late due to mere laziness and procrastination. That being said, each student has their own excuse for applying late.

“I was overwhelmed with the events at school and my classwork and I was falling behind. I got back on track and now I am applying to more colleges and I plan on retaking the ACT,” said senior Raianna Matchem.

Other students have their own reasons for applying so late in the year, and to some, it is still worth it to apply at this time in the school year.

For many students, it is true that the stress with college applications and future decision making added onto the stress of school, work, and home life in general takes a toll on their academics and their success.

Although it may seem bad to apply late for colleges, there is still a chance to get accepted compared to those who applied early, especially if you have outstanding qualifications,” said senior Alexis Tolentino.

Senior Alexis Tolentino has been on his P’s and Q’s regarding his grades and meeting deadlines in order to qualify for the applications he has begun to fill out.

For Tolentino, he still believes that his academic achievements throughout the rest of his senior year will help him qualify for requirements to other colleges of his choice. There are even colleges that give scholarships after senior year.

Nevertheless, even though it is a bit late to apply to colleges that will change the rest of your life, it is not entirely too late. There is still time for the rest of the graduating class of 2016 as well.