Financial Literacy Class

Roberto Ocampo

On October 21st, 2015 Phoenix Military Academy hosted a financial literacy class from Junior Achievement program for all 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders. The program  was organized by Mrs. Bellus.The lesson taught  students how to manage, plan and balance their financial issues in the future. The lesson also showed them  how they  can pay for college tuition, how to avoid going into debt, or having bad credit.  

“They showed us how planning for the future can lead to success,” said junior Aldo Gil.

The lessons included different people coming in from different businesses, like accounting, so they can talk about what students  can expect in the future. The volunteers  facilitated different types of activities. Those activities included topics like avoiding debt or avoiding situations that can lead to bad credit. These activities required us to get into groups and work with cards that had different options that we will need for the future.

“They gave us worksheets that would help us plan out somethings we will need in the future,”  said Gil.

The lessons took two class  periods and in that time they talked about different topics.  The topics included how to avoid debt and options to pay of your student loans. Some things were kind of rushed because of the time limit.

“They should have extended the time with each lesson planner,so we can learn more about the topic,” said Gil.

Although the classes were a little rushed the Financial Literacy Class was a success because students felt like they actually learned something about financial issues they might face in the future.