Chicago Scholars Applicants Take On ACT Early

Chicago Scholars Applicants Take On ACT Early

Octavio Sanchez

As the new year kicks in there are many students getting ready to change the way the viewed school and others are getting ready for new programs. The program that seems really popular at the moment is Chicago Scholars.

When applying to Chicago Scholars there is a rigorous application process. Some have finished it and some are barely starting, but something that has been worrying everyone is the early ACT test.

The ACT is the most worrying for everyone due to the fact that it can determine their future no matter what and it is very scary for a lot of people.

“Taking on the ACT early is without a doubt overwhelming, at its least. However, I believe the added pressure will have a greater pay off since Chicago Scholars offers early on College Admissions and mentorships,” said junior Krystal Rosales.

There are students that are excited on the other hand.

“I am excited to take this test but at the same time I’m nervous. The ACT basically decides my entire future and if I get accepted into Chicago Scholars I will be prepared for it,” said junior Carlos Romero.

Many students do not know what to feel because they have so many things going on. All together chicago scholars should be viewed as a reward. Yes, it is stressful and can add onto advanced placement testing but just imagine all the opportunities this can bring.

Sometimes it just take an optimistic attitude to succeed.

“Success has a lot of implications, as it depends on your definition of success. To me, succeeding is giving it your all, motivating yourself, believing in yourself and working your hardest. By those means, I think I will succeed. No, I will not get a perfect score on the ACT, but I’ll devote myself as much as I can to get the score I know i’m capable of getting,” said Rosales.