Why Is The Western Express bus wrong for Phoenix?

Why Is The Western Express bus wrong for Phoenix?

Yvonne Flores

As the cold breezes come and go this January, a lot of Phoenix Military Academy cadets rush to catch the western bus to get home. They all go to the same location every day after school and have gone to that location for four years or two years. It’s upsetting to know that this infamous bus stop on Adams was removed.

“I leave school around 5:30pm basically every day and I take the bus when I want to get home quicker,” said junior Franciso Franco

Many of Phoenix students take the 49 Western bus and usually take a long commute home every day. Either every morning or right after school, once the bell rings, they run to grab the bus. Especially during this winter time, where most students wish to be home. So they’d rush to Adams to catch the bus faster.

‘This weather is horrible. They shouldn’t have moved the bus stop. A lot of people miss the bus because we have to walk all the way to Madison, “said junior Corima Sanchez.

Though western express bus doesn’t really get through the same traffic that is always there on western as fast. Right after four or two in the afternoon, everyone gets caught in busy traffic down south or north. The majority of the cadets that attend Phoenix live out south, which has more traffic.

“It takes so much time to get to 26th. The snow makes it even worse. Honestly, the express bus is probably a two to five minute difference,”said Sanchez.

So far the western express bus hasn’t really became something truly great for the students. It can be very frustrating and tiring for students with the transition to the Madison bus stop.