You too can be a scholar

Starie Brown

As of February 12 the application deadline for Chicago Scholars will be up. The Chicago Scholars program helps Juniors and Seniors with college admission and the financial side of college.

“In order to become a Chicago Scholars, you must have a G.P.A. of a 3.0 or higher and have an ACT score of at  least a 20,” said senior Ashley Ochoa.

These requirements are set backs for some students . However students should understand that getting good grades and getting a letter grade of a D in one class can cost them a scholarship.  Senior Ashley Ochoa and Maria Ocampo are in the program.

“Scholarships really look for good performance in course classes,” said senior Maria Ocampo.

Chicago Scholars will pay for two years of school at college. This is a huge relief for low income students.

“There are three phrases for Chicago scholars. Team launch for high school students applying, support while the student are in college and life after college,” said senior Jacqueline Contreras.

Students should make sure that they are doing their best in class in order to qualify for scholarships. The higher your grades, G.P.A. and ACT score are, the more scholarship money you can receive from different charities and colleges.


Latest Updated: 2/5/15