Russia gets caught in Doping Scandal


Jose Guel

On Monday November 9, 2015, Russia has been caught doping their athletes in the Olympics in London after winning 17 track-and-fields medals. Now they are faced with not being able to participate in the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Because of this scandal, they have replaced the old Russian athletics federation President with Dmitry Shlyakhtin. Now Russia hopes that with Shlyakhtin will clean them on their name and lift the ban to be part of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

I wouldn’t cheat in the Olympics. If I do cheat, it would demonstrate that I am not trying to achieve the goal on my own.” said Junior Joselyn Valerio.

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, is disappointed and wants the athlete that doped not the whole team the athlete was in. It was just two, 1500m runner Kristina Ugarova and 800m runner Tatyana Myazina. They deny that they ever took drugs to help them with the Gold Medals.

“[Russia] must do everything possible to protect [its] athletes from banned substances … as the competition should be fair and promote sportsmanship,” said Putin.

Doping athletes so that they can go above their top performance is unfair to the other team since they will have an unfair advantage with their normal athletes. It is also non sportsmen like to do so. On the other hand, it does let you win and claim all of the glory for yourself.

“As long as no one finds out it’s ok, so hush hush,” said Senior Cristian Uribe.