Winter Blues

Winter Blues

Christain Uribe

Winter is one of the things students at Phoenix Military Academy must face, but what really makes the winter a problem for students is the dangers from this season.

During the winter students must be careful not to fall on ice, some students have to walk through a field of ice just to get to school. Most students who drive, walk through a small alley which is always covered in ice.

“The ice can cause injuries, it’s slippery and hard. They haven’t cleaned the alley, where most kids who drive walk through to get to door 13 and someone could fall and injure themselves with the hard pieces of ice,” said senior Stephanie Lopez.

The ice also makes it more difficult for the students that drive to school as they have to drive more slowly to prevent their car from sliding and causing an accident.

“When I’m parking, the ice makes it really difficult to line myself with the curb,” said Lopez.

Some of the injuries that can be caused just by slipping on ice are back, neck, shoulder injuries, fractures, concussions, dislocation of joints, muscle strains severe cuts, or bruises.

“Since many students take public transportation to school the ice may cause someone to slip. Staff entering or leaving the school can fall on the ice. No one is safe,” said senior Roman Martinez.

The school should do it’s best to prevent ice from forming around the building by putting out more salt before it snows in order to prevent future accidents.