Peyton Manning, Clay Matthews Identified in HGH allegations

Peyton Manning, Clay Matthews Identified in HGH allegations

Kevin Beccerra

Al Jazeera recently released a video documentary of the underground world of athletes and performance enhancing drugs. In this documentary former olympic athlete Liam Collins plays off as a runner trying to make a comeback to make it to the Rio Olympics.

During the course of the documentary Collins comes in contact with Pharmacist Charlie Sly. Sly told him he would help him reach his goal of making it to the 2016 olympics through performance enhancing drugs.

Collins managed to get multiple recordings of Sly telling him about the industry of performance enhancing drugs and how the system was very easy to cheat and how not to get caught.

The most notable thing Sly said about the regulations on performance enhancing drugs was if you knew what the current restrictions on drugs were then you could always be one step ahead. To convince Collins to join his system of performance enhancing drugs, Sly began to give some of the big name athletes he worked with before..

It was during this part of the documentary where the controversy began, by using his backpack, Collins was told about the athletes that have gone to Sly, the list mainly consisted of NFL players and olympic runners.

The biggest names he mentioned were Packers players Clay Matthews, Mike Neal, and Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning who is going to be playing in this years Super Bowl. Many athletes after receiving information about their names being brought up after the allegations denied any knowledge or activity that Sly was saying.

Under 24 hours Sly posted a video response on Youtube saying why anything that was said during the documentary was false and that he did not have any personal relationship with any of the athletes.

Many did not believe what Sly was saying during the documentary saying that he was telling lies to get Collins convinced in his system. Even though the allegations were dismissed, the NFL has now launched an investigation on all the players mentioned in the documentary mainly Peyton Manning and Clay Matthews.