What does Christmas mean to you?

Carlos Romero


Throughout the United States many students take a break from school, relax, have some fun, and celebrate the holidays. They feel free from the pressure of school and enjoy their time off. This is winter break, which leads up to Christmas, a day were many celebrate with their families by giving gifts to one another to show their appreciation for each other. Many students have various traditions and holidays when they celebrate. Many students are excited to be able to take a break from school and enjoy their Winter break.

“Other than spending time with my family, I’m surprising my little brother by taking him to Winter Wonder fest at Navy Pier. I’m always so busy with school that I don’t even pay attention to him. I think this will be a good time for us to bond better,” said Junior Coraima Sanchez

Many people have various traditions in which they celebrate Christmas. Some may invite their whole family and spend the entire time together. Others may simply spend the time together and enjoy a home cooked meal. Regardless in the end, Christmas means to spend time with people you love.

“When I celebrate Christmas I usually cook food for the family. Get ready for a big event at one of my Aunt and Uncle’s house. Lastly, we just prepare games and Secret Santa to end the night,” said Junior Cynthia Olivares.

In the end people believe that Christmas is not just about giving to others. Many have their own reasons why they celebrate Christmas it may be because of religious beliefs or because it brings unity in their family. What matters most is that you get to spend it with those around you like close friends or family.