Prozac Nation Represents the Book well

Leticia Ghoston

Prozac Nation is a film based on the best selling novel. The movie takes place in the 1980’s. The focus of the movie is Elizabeth Wurtzel played by Christina Ricci, who is very intelligent and attends to Harvard. Overall the film was amazing. I really liked the way her depression was depicted throughout the film.

As soon as she gets to Harvard she finds someone to lose her virginity to. She then throws a party in favor of it. She starts using drugs which leads to her depression. Elizabeth begins seeing Dr. Sterling. She eventually gets in a relationship with a Jewish boy whom she thinks of as someone holy. She depends on him to save her from her depression. Dr. Sterling proceeds to put her on PROZAC, the antidepressant, and tracks the progress with the medication.

Throughout the movie, the viewer sees how the medications Lizzy takes affects her. She goes through phases with her mom where she constantly tries to express her feelings. The movie gives an insight of how hard it was to treat depression back then. I think the movie portrayed the book well. I will give it its well deserved 5 stars out of 5