PMA Athlete Survives Fatal Car Accident

PMA Athlete Survives Fatal Car Accident

Karael Eubanks

On December 6, 2015, senior Donnovan Daley was in a fatal car accident in which one man was killed and another was hospitalized. Daley walked away unharmed, and will not miss any basketball games.

“I was scared at first because I had just broke my wrist during football season, and I thought that I was going to either injure my wrist again or possibly hurt something else,”said Daley.

The driver, who remains anonymous, received four tickets and was tested for drugs. The tests came back negative and he was released the day after the accident. In his interview he asked to remain anonymous for personal reasons.

“I tried to swerve out of the way, but the man went the same way as me. After we ran into each other, I tried to regain control of the car but I couldn’t because of how I swerved,” said anonymous.

No family of the bicyclist who was killed have spoken out. His name was not released in the news article, neither was the other pedestrian who was struck by the car during the accident.

“I was thinking about my own health until the police told us that the man we hit more than likely isn’t going to make it,” said Daley.

A lot of concern had risen when people heard about the accident, and people started to worry because they couldn’t get in contact with the driver after he was taken into police custody overnight.

“They told me that it’s mandatory to test a driver for drugs after an accident. I wasn’t upset about that. I was just thinking about how somebody just lost their life,” said anonymous.

He is now back to his normal life along with Daley. No charges are pending,  but this is an event that touches students heart because it could’ve been any PMA alumni.