NHS continues to be successful

Shadae Little

Senior Ashley Ochoa, has became a member of the National Honors Society(NHS). This program helps you build character,self motivation and dedication. This program also helps students find scholarships for college and build leadership. Ashley has been apart of  this program since she was in middle school.

“Since I was in National Junior Honor Society in middle school, I already knew what it was like and i enjoyed it,” said Senior Ashley Ochoa.

Ashley was recommended by a teacher to join the program because she was a good student. Ashley kept her grades up and was invited by the head of the program.  

“ When I was a sophomore, I was invited by the coordinator of NHS, Ms.Hickman because i had a GPA of a 3.5. I had to make an application and an essay, I also needed a teacher’s recommendation,”said Ochoa.

This program allows you time to find scholarships you qualify for and develop leadership skills during this program. It is considered a three year program.

“It starts when you are a sophomore and it continues until you are a senior,”said Ochoa.

NHS helps them with their service learning hours. They also mentor those within their program so that they all make it together.

“We do different service learning activities have mentoring sessions and help each other succeed,” said Ochoa.

But, Ashley’s not the only one from Phoenix Military Academy(PMA) that attends this program.

“ There are maybe 60-70 other Phoenix participants,” said Ochoa.