Laquan McDonald adds more emphasis to ‘Black Lives Matter’ Debate

Laquan McDonald adds more emphasis to Black Lives Matter Debate

Starie Brown

On October 20, 2014 a White  police officer reportedly shot and fatally killed Chicago teen Laquan Mcdonald after an apparent threat to the police officers safety.

“The way we can seek justice is by protesting in a peaceful way,violence isn’t the answer,” said senior Ezequiel Diaz.

Protesters have rallied up to seek justice for Laquan. They want to see the police officers who killer Laquan behind bars and fired.

“We can not be so violent about the situation,” said Junior Adora Barren

However, The protesters did not have the right to tear down the Christmas tree downtown. Is it very necessary to tear down public property for a teen who was killed over a year ago?

“Tearing down the Christmas tree downtown was unneeded and just shows how violent people can be,” said junior Michelle Lott.

the lines between a police officer fearing for their safety vs. a racial driven murder  is a grey area.

“ It is never okay for a police officer to shoot and kill a young man that is unarmed,” said Senior David Lakes.

Some people feel that the police who killed Laquan should have handled the situation differently.

“I would  definitely not shoot him, I would only have knocked Laquan down or tasered him,” said Diaz.

Chicago is being more dangerous and unsafe for teens to hang out side.

“Laquans death just shows that it’s not safe and that killing each other is okay now,” said Lott.