Gooners Versus Blues

Gooners Versus Blues

Christian Gutierrez

Arsenal vs Chelsea, or the Gooners vs the Blues, is one of the most hottest games in the Premier League when it comes to soccer. On Saturday January 23rd, they played an intensive match that Chelsea eventually won by a winner from forward Diego Costa.

The match was one that both teams appreciated after they showed a great display for their fans. Arsenal were favorites to win after their strong start to the season and Chelsea’s horrible start, even though Chelsea are the reigning champions.

“ I felt that it would be a difficult match but one that we would be able to manage a win due to Arsenal’s injury problems,” said junior Eduardo Brito.

Arsenal were level on points with Leicester City but after the 1-0 loss to Chelsea they lost out on their chance to go top of the table. Defender Per Mertesacker also got a 1 match ban after he received a red card for a tackle on Diego Costa.

“ The red card was a game changer for Chelsea. It’s going to be hard for Arsenal to replace Mertesacker in their next game because he is a quality defender and a leader on the pitch,” said junior David Marroquin.

Arsenal will be looking to win their next match and hope that the loss against Chelsea does not affect the good form that they are in. Chelsea should hope to build on their win and push more up the table as they hope to at least obtain Europa League next season.