Madeline Guzman

Throughout the years since 1848, women have been fighting to gain equality in the world because they are tired of having to live up to the typical stereotypical female. They want to be independent and strong.

When people hear the name feminist, many of them think of females that are against men or men who can’t be called a feminist. Yet not all females that live on the earth are feminist.

“I do not consider myself a feminist. I do not believe that women are oppressed, and I know I can do anything a man can do in 2016. No one is keeping me down,” said teacher Mrs. Verhey.

Mrs. Verhey argues that just because she is a female she does not have to be a feminist, just as long as females set their mind for success, they are capable of obtaining anything.

For some people, being called a feminist is like having power or having the chance to feel equal.Young feminist want to have the chance to say that they are capable of doing what males can do.

“The fact that my dad said that I couldn’t do certain things just because I was a girl hurt me. There are stereotypes put upon a woman and how they are suppose to care for a man, instead of prosper for themselves. This is common, especially, in the Hispanic culture,” said Junior Daisy Bucio.

Young feminist, like Bucio are determined to have equality between female and male. Growing up as a female has always caused disagreement and inequality in stereotypical households because most young ladies are supposed to be classy and learn how to become the stereotypical female men what them to be. Since the first Feminist movement, that sparked and influenced any age of feminist to have as much as equality as men.

“I do not have a specific person, but an organization that I aspire is the Chicana Feminist Movement, I can relate to them due to my Hispanic background. They fought against the stereotypes the Hispanic culture conveys, and how they deserved education and professional careers as well. This movement took place in the 60s,” said Bucio.

Many feminist and activist from all around the world have caused others to open their minds up and see that they too have a chance to gain respect as a human being and not only from what sex you were born into. Bucio is a great explain of having a role model that fought for equality for their education that wasn’t given to them because they were female. Unlike Mrs.Verhey and Daisy Bucio, Ms. Hickman believes there should be equality for both sex.

“Anyone who speaks up for the equality of women is considered a feminist whether they are a male or a female. So yes,  I am a feminist but  I am also a supporter of equality for all life,” said teacher Ms. Hickman.