A Different Look on Jesus Christ

A Different Look on Jesus Christ

Jose Guel

In January 23, 2015, British scientists, assisted by Israeli archeologists, used forensic anthropology to construct what they believe is the most accurate photo of Jesus Christ. It recently came on in the news causing some controversy with people and students here at Phoenix Military Academy.

Students have learned all their life that Jesus is white male, wears a rode and has long hair and a beard. So with this new image of Jesus might caused some problems to the religious students.

I, a Roman Catholic believer by no chance will take the new jesus as an almighty savior because our past generations have taught us value and worship the one and only”,said Senior Karen Andreu.

Students will still  stay to the old image of Jesus.This is because students are familiar with the old image and when something like the new image comes up they feel that their beliefs are being attacked and just deny it. This is an example of people being scared of change and not moving on.

“I think the new Jesus will cause much controversy due to the fact that people have been living and growing up with the belief of Jesus looking a certain way and when the fact changes, it will cause reluctance from them and they would decline it. It will also bring more religion against sciences”, said Senior Taylar Tramil

Last Edited 2/1/16