Service Learning Trip is efficient and educational

Service Learning Trip is efficient and educational

Kimberly Huerta

On Friday, January 15, about 20 seniors went to St. Pius church to be able to complete their 40  service learning hours. Sgt Walker and Mrs.Tobias were in charge of organizing the trip in order to get seniors who were missing service learning hours        to graduate.

“I went to a local church in the community of Pilsen to be able to complete my service learning hours,” said senior Alexis Cervantes.

The seniors were placed in four different stations, some were in the kitchen, some moving boxes, others cleaning and the rest helping prepare ingredients for future meals. Each group had to do a specific task.

“We had to clean carts, cook, fix the pantry, peel off the skin from tamarindo, and take the seeds out from peppers,” said Senior Gladis Martinez.

Some of these seniors thought that it was not  difficult, but others  thought it was. Such as having to to cook in the kitchen while others, had to move boxes and carts around.

“The task was not hard, it was in fact very rewarding. The trip was rewarding because we got to help the homeless and made us realize that we are very fortunate and should be grateful for what we have,” said Cervantes.

While most of the seniors have already completed all their paperwork and completed their hours, there are also those who are trying to complete them as soon as possible and the senior advisers are helping with that.

“I had to attend this trip because I have not completed all of my 40 service learning hours I only had about 15 and now I just have to complete about 10 more to be able to complete all 40 that I need for graduation,”said Cervantes.

There were some  seniors who found this trip very interesting and had great activities to participate in..

“I found it very interesting that the shelter is also a school grades K-8. I also found it interesting that the homeless cleaned up after themselves after they were done eating, showing respect for the shelter and the environment around them,” said Martinez.

At the end of the trip the seniors were glad that  they were able to complete their hours. A portion of those seniors, even with going on that trip, are still  not done with their hours. A solution for this was for seniors to go back there and be able to finish their hours.