PMA to be the Model for Colin Powell Military Academy

Joshlynn Murphy

On Wednesday, January the 20th, visitors came from Minnesota to see how the JROTC system works. They want to implement it in their school system, so they came to Phoenix to get the military experience.

JROTC is a military program for high schools, whose purpose is to educate students in leadership while making them aware of the benefits of citizenship. The mission of JROTC is to motivate young people to become better American citizens.  

JROTC is mainly for leadership, discipline, and to become a better person in life. The Minnesota visitors came to Phoenix and interviewed the staff about the school and the military service.

“The people from Minnesota seemed to be amazed and proud of all of the things that PMA students are doing on a daily basis,” said senior Ashley Ochoa.

People at Phoenix have different perspectives on the JROTC system and how other schools could incorporate it in their school system. Some students are excited about the military and some are not.

“I feel like that is a good decision because it helps students’ leadership skills, become better citizens, opens up more options for post secondary jobs and careers, and they can have opportunities similar to what we offer at Phoenix,” said senior Raianna Matchem.

Having discipline within the JROTC program can sometimes help students get better grades and be able to maintain extra curriculum activities as well.

Overall, the visitors were impressed based off what Phoenix offered as a military school.  Yet running a JROTC program can be stressful and tough at times, but it leads students to a great path of success in the future.