Work Out!!

Mr. Didona starts new fitness club in the morning

Melissa Moreno

Mr. Didona has set up a workout club that Phoenix students can participate early in the morning. Junior Brandon Cabrera, Junior Isaac Novoa , and Junior Krystal Rosales share their thoughts about it.

“Yes. It is a good thing. It would help people find another way to get a workout rather than just in our JROTC class, or raiders not everyone is in. It helps the normal cadets “ said Cabrera.

The workout club will benefit many students in PMA. Simply because it’s another resource where they can workout .

“Being intelligent is important but being active has to be took under consideration as well and strengthening your body is also very important” said Novoa.

As a student it is important to improve your mind, and fill it with knowledge. However, that’s not the only thing that is important. Being fit is another important thing that a student should keep in mind as well.

“Well I  think the club idea is awesome because it encourage students to get fit and allows more and more students to use the weight room. However I think that the club should be hosted in the afternoon because it’s uncomfortable to be all sweaty in a class b or class a throughout the day. Hopefully next year the program gets switched afterschool” said Rosales.

Overall, Students believe that the workout club that Mr. Didona is having is a great idea. However, most students believe that the club should happen in a different time frame, for instance after school.