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Willow is a book based on a girl who accidentally caused her parents death. They had too much to drink while they were out, they asked Willow to drive home. It was raining and she ended up losing control of the car, killing her parents. Since that night, Willow has left her old school and home. She is living with her older brother and his family. Still facing the trauma from the accident, she begins to self harm. Her brother can’t even speak to her because of that night. She self harms by cutting her skin in order to numb the pain of her new life.

With everything that is going on in her life, she ends up meeting someone who is just as complicated as she is. His name is Guy, and he eventually starts hanging around her and discovers her secret. He forces her to interact with him, instead of keeping to herself. It’s difficult for her to come out of her solitary comfort zone. She eventually does come out of her comfort zone and realizes she’s falling in love with him. They end up helping each other out with life’s obstacles.

The book is definitely worth reading. Julia Hoban does a great job depicting what self-harm does for people. Especially self harm as a form of grieving. Overall, even with the cutting and grief, this book tells a story about young love within tough circumstances.