Victory at the Drill Team Competition

Starie Brown

On Saturday December 12, Phoenix Upper Class Drill Team had its last competition of the year-at Carver Military Academy for the CityWide Drill Competition.

“We practiced all semester long. It hurts me that we didn’t place but we tried our best,” said senior Jennifer Baeza.

Even though, Phoenix did not place in the drill proportion of the     competition, cadets received personal awards for their hard work.

“ I won the 5th place award in the senior division for IDR, which stands for Individual Drill Rifle, at the citywide drill competition,” said junior Ingrid Pureco.

Pureco has been working hard with the rifle team which are mostly freshman. She has taught the lower class cadets that hard work pays off.

“I knew that someone in my team would place, even if it wasn’t me. We’ve been working hard on rifle for months. After three years of being on rifle team and working hard year after year, I am so proud of the award,” said Pureco.

The little things matter when competing,getting fifth place is a blessing to them.

“Even though it wasn’t much, being just fifth place, it showed growth and strength and that is the main thing I try to teach my riflemen,” said Pureco.

The Drill Team could have placed higher at the competition, most of the points were lost in the drill proportion of the event.

We lost most points on the drill proportion because a lot of people messed up at the competition,However I stayed positive and kept everyone up even after they felt down about losing,” said Baeza.