The Firebirds Boys Basketball Team looks to keep the streak alive


Gregory Boyle

Phoenix Boys basketball on a Roll


Phoenix boys basketball team is undefeated in conference with the record of 8-0 and believes they will stay undefeated throughout the whole season.  This is a good improvement from last year because last year Phoenix lost conference.

The boys basketball team will get school recognition. If they bring back a conference banner then the commandant might reward them with an incentive”, said junior Samuel Ferguson.

The basketball team hasn’t received this much attention until this year, when the team started going undefeated in conference. The question is, will they be able to keep this win streak up throughout the season?

“I honestly think that the team can keep up their streak because they have a lot of talented players on the team. Their teamwork and team chemistry will take them a long way”, said junior Jamell Gooden.

The teams bond can’t be broken and they will remain a strong team as long as they keep that up. The coach has been doing a lot to prepare the team for second half of the season and been doing a lot of conditioning to keep the team in shape because he knows the other teams want their revenge.

“He has a good gameplan for each team and he keeps the team in good shape for the 2nd half of the season” said Gooden.

The Phoenix Boys basketball team has came a long way over the years and hope to advance to the next conference and win the conference banner next year also.