The Release of “The Incredible True Story”

Daisy Bucio

Logic, a rapper born and raised in Maryland, released his newest album, The Incredible True Story, on November 13th, 2015 through Def Jam Recordings and Visionary Music Group. Logic started his career as a rapper around the age of fifteen. His last album that he released was on 2014 called, Under Pressure. Logic explains that this new album takes the theme or interpretation about the transformation of a man who saves the world.

“The album’s theme is around 100 years into the future, where Thomas, Kai, and Thalia, all from the future, are trying to find a planet called “Paradise” because Earth is almost completely out of resources and is uninhabitable. This album is different from all of the albums because he put in a lot of creativity in the album. Logic has implemented scenes into the album, and I have never seen that before,” said Sophomore Juan Guardado.

In the album Thomas and Kai are the first men in charge of the infantry, and Thalia is aprogram in the ships infantry. This album has speaking scenes like what you would see in a movie. Each song is specifically put in an order of a story. The story of a journey to find a planet called “Paradise”. If you were to listen to the songs in a different order you would not understand the concept of the message that Logic is trying to convey.

“This album is much more meaningful to him and his fans because he did not care about needing to have a consistent theme. He knows who he is and if us, his fans, don’t like it then we aren’t his true fans. This album has a different vibe, he is trying to make us see the real Logic, the real him,” said Junior Octavio Sanchez.

The album, The Incredible True Story, was top three overall on iTunes. Logic has come a long way from where he started at the age of 15. Through his music he has been able to impact many people.

“I’m attracted to the song Run It from this album because I can relate to a lot of what he says in the song. For example, he said that “You don’t know who is there for you until you’ve fallen out.” I’ve been through alot and I know exactly what he means by this. His message overall that he gives is to do what you love and don’t worry about others,” said Guardado.

Logic does not only have the capacity and talent to get through people with his music, but by the way he carries himself.

“Logic is another hero to me. I do not know him in person, but he has got me through hard times. He was the one there when no one was. Logic is someone I look up to and want to be like. I want to change the world and bring everyone together,” said Sanchez.