How are your grades?


Matthew Benoit

An A plus is given to a student for great work being achieved.

Kimberly Huerta

Every school needs to keep all parents updated on their grades whether they want to know or not. At Phoenix Military Academy, student progress reports were due Wednesday January 6, 2015. Many students could really care less about grades they are receiving , but some would prefer to improve their grades instead of settling for what the are receiving.

I think it gives a great opportunity for parents and students to be updated with the student’s grades. Helps the student see what classes they need to improve in before the quarter/or semester ends,” said senior Alicia Moreno.

Parents are the only ones that should be surprised when they see their kids progress reports. It is important they know where their kid stands so that they can try and encourage them to do better in school. Some might strongly react to them, others might not even look at them because they already know what they will look like.

“My parents don’t expect perfection but do not accept failure. That’s why I try to pass all my classes,” said senior Jimmy Bellido

Cadets never really like to talk to their parents about their grades, but once in a while when they receive their progress reports parents might also want to talk to their kids about what is going on with them whether they need to do better or not and why.

They always question about my grades before progress report. They are always asking me if I already did my Homework and that I better finish all my assignments on time,” said Moreno.

Some students might not mind receiving those progress reports, while others might also just rather not even try to open them.

Before the grades go in for the progress reports go in, I check student portal to check my grades so i can see what I need to improve upon. I do care about my grades because passing my classes is very crucial this year,” said Bellido.

Students prefer to show the more lenient parent in order to prevent punishment.

I usually show them to my parents because they always want to know how I am doing in school. I also show my friends and see If they can help me with any hard assignments they have already turned in,” said Moreno.

Progress reports are usually to inform parents how their kids are doing and the way that they react can affect the students.