Girls on the run: Sisterhood

Girls on the run: Sisterhood

Madeline Guzman

Phoenix’s sisterhood girls had a lot of fun and made great memories at the Girls on the run race on November 21 2015 by Montrose Harbor with teachers, Ms. Comeford and Ms. Perez.

The sisterhood team got the opportunity to face paint the girls on the run runners this year. In the past sisterhood had the chance to run. Last year, they were finishing fairies which were girls  that motivated the runners to finish the race.

“I ran the actual race for 4 years, I thought this year would be the same but it turned out we did face painting,” said senior Jimenez.

Despite not running the girls got to get to know each other a little more. They got the chance to get to know each other while they stood outside. Even though the weather wasn’t the best.

“Talking to Ms. Comeford and Ms. Perez, I had time to talk to them about my future as well as getting to know them more,” said Jimenez.

The weather was quite cold and windy when sisterhood girls were facing paint. Both the students and the teachers had a great time and didn’t let the cold weather affect their work. As for Ms. Comeford, this experience will never be forgotten.

“Shivering for hours waiting for people to ask for their face to be painted!,” said Ms. Comeford.

Even if the sisterhoods girls didn’t get to run, they still got the chance to see the the facial expressions of all the young girls that did participate in the run and wanted their face painted. Every year they have different tasks but that doesn’t stop them from getting closer as a family.

“I enjoyed getting to spend time with the Sisterhood girls who came, as well as with Ms. Perez.  Although it was freezing, I was very proud of all of the girls who ran that race!,” said Ms. Comeford.